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Conveyer with MFT

Conveyer with MFT

2021-04-01 09:54:10
Conveyer with MFT

Based on sicket & hafner technology's conveying system can realize noiseless and accurate conveying by using the chain, which is easy to maintain and reliable to operate. In addition, it can also realize intelligent and accurate conveying by using independentmoto and control system on trolly,which can realize various functions in the conveying process. It can be widely used in automobile and motorcycle production line, logistics, electronics, home appliances, medicine, mobile phone, clothing, warehousing, etc.

Our company can design and install hanging conveying equipment for production line. This equipment is used in all kinds of assembly line workplaces to transport necessory parts. The rail is installed on the top of the production line, Normally it’s a cycle. When the transport trolly reaches the end position, it will automatically return to the start position.

Our company has provided a variety of equipment for automobile factory, TV factory and bearing factory. We have rich experience in the design and construction of different products. We can design different non-standard products according to the different needs of customers.

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